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In just five minutes your CV can be on its way to our huge database of personal contacts at all the major job agencies in the UK.

groupEach one of them has hundreds and sometimes thousands of company recruiters on their books. Thus you can get exposure to over 300,000 recruiters (at a very minimum estimate) in one fell swoop. But it's your choice, and it's under your control by simply checking boxes in a list (see that).

Unlike other CV distribution services, you use our service to blast your CV out to Recruitment Agencies, rather than to individual company "recruiters", so the effect of your CV distribution is multiplied very extensively.

This is also a very targeted approach, because Agencies will only pass your CV on to companies with suitable vacancies.

See the 'A' list of our Registered Recruitment Agencies

Massive action = massive results!

You get instant email responses from many agencies. The most convincing thing about our services is that everyone gets results, and you can see them immediately.


Everyone who has used our service has received multiple interview offers. Response will start coming in immediately, and you'll be getting calls for weeks. All major recruitment agencies throughout the UK get your CV instantly. For example, almost all the agencies that advertise in Jobserve, Topjobs, Monster, and Fish4Jobs are registered with us, so why send your CV out one at a time, in that tedious old jobsearch routine? Take a look at just the 'A' group in our agency list here.

group2It's an impressive service, and it's so easy!

Our service is entirely confidential. Nobody will know you are using us. Each agency will think you sent the CV in individually.

Why procrastinate? We can save you time. We can get you that special job much sooner. We can help tune up your application. We can save you weeks, or even months of frustration.

Check your email straight away...

It's a good idea to start checking your e-mail as soon as press the Send button. The first thing that happens is that you will receive an automated response from those companies that have automation in place. You may also receive a few requests to visit particular jobsites and register. Within a very short space of time you are likely to start receiving phone calls from agencies who want to offer jobs. Tip: Use a POP3 account for the email address, because if you use Hotmail or similar, your mailbox is likely to get full pretty quickly.

We never see your credit card details. Look for the padlock at the bottom of your screen on the WorldPay Secure Server.

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting your order, with log on details for our server. It's easy and instinctive to do, and not technologically challenging.

We have the best contacts, to get you the best jobs. Call us if you still have any doubts, on 01904-789810

Let us help you get that top job! If you are still unsure about anything, please call us. The cost is just £29.00, which, if you send to our complete list works out at around one pence per recruitment agency. A lot of CV distribution services charge more for less exposure in total than you get for a few penny's worth of our service.

Refund Policy - In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the results we achieve for you, we will be happy to either allow you to resubmit, or issue a refund.


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cv-submitSince I was made redundant at the TSB over eight months ago, I have been trying to get another job, but had no luck. Now I have three interviews lined up, and all within ten days of transmitting my CV using CV Submit Express. I will certainly recommend your service to a colleague who is in virtually the same position (after I get a job). Thank you kindly.


cv-submitNot bad... four interviews and a pile of responses in the first few

Ahmed Ashmir

cv-submitI wish I had found you months ago! I still can't believe how many responses you got me. I will recommend your service to my

Stuart McNeil, Croydon.

cv-submitAmazing response. Thanks a

H. McNab, Bridlington

cv-submitThought it was worth a try. I was right.
Result = job!.cv-submit

Gail Forrester. Henley

cv-submitFive job offers. I will definitely be recommending

S. Hagerty. Dublin

cv-submitThank you for CV Express service. I have two telephone interviews for this Friday so a good chance of work in the UK, after long time trying!cv-submit

Brocki Contalori. Venice

cv-submitFor £29.00 it was well worth doing, and I still have two interviews to go. Thank you

Sharon Blackman. Edinburgh